Moldintec’s packaging/design team have won the WorldStar Award in the category Beverage

Moldintec announced that their packaging/design team have won the 2022 WorldStar Award in the category of Beverage for “Bonafont NoLabel project”.

The WorldStarAward Jury explained their decision as follows:

Moldintec’s NoLabel bottle provokes emotions in people that are more effective than marketing that touts features and benefits only. NoLabel is all about essential packaging for branding agencies that strive for “iconic assets.” It’s a manifesto to people about environmental protection, materials reduction, and recyclability commitment. Essential itself as water. It’s a unique combination of industrial design and engineering talent to develop laser-based manufacturing technology for blow moulds. Decoration, communication, and structural design features fused on the whole bottle skin. Easy to recycle and made 100% PCR. Laser machining makes it real “what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Winners will be honored at the prestigious WorldStar Awards presentations to be held during May 2022.

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