CO2 PET bottles awarded

The Mibelle Group has manufactured PET bottle from CO2, which would otherwise form greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. According to the company, this is a world’s first. The company has won the German Packaging Award 2021 in the Sustainability category as well as the WorldStar Packaging Award for this innovation.

The CO2 recycling process is highly complex scientifically, yet really very simple, states Mibelle. Packaging for glass cleaners, and soon mouth washes and liquid soaps too, now contains up to 30% PET obtained from CO2 (with mass balance), thus replacing new PET normally obtained from crude oil. New PET from CO2 is therefore an ecologically sensible complement to recycled PET. This means the Mibelle Group can process recycled CO2 to make new packaging.

As early as 2020, the Mibelle Group started using ethanol produced using CO2 recycling technology in detergents. Similarly to beer brewing, during a fermentation process bacteria convert the captured CO2 into ethanol.

Ethanol is used as the basis for manufacturing sustainable plastic, which is suitable for use in packaging. The recycled CO2 packaging reduces crude oil consumption, binds the greenhouse gas and can be disposed of as usual in existing recycling. CO2 PET therefore has a much smaller environmental footprint than conventional PET, yet is the same quality.

The Mibelle Group has teamed up with start-up company LanzaTech for the CO2 recycling, to create a sustainable alternative plastic for packaging.

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