Michel Carreiro appointed new Managing Director of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Brazil

Effective 10 September 2021, Michel Carreiro is confirmed as the new Managing Director of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag do Brazil (SDBR). He succeeds Christoph Rieker, who recently departed having led the company for many years. Responsible for the sale of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag machines in Brazil and South America – in particular Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia – Carreiro is also charged with managing the region’s entire customer service strategy, including the supply of spare parts.

“I will continue to develop our sales and market strategy in this region and motivate our team accordingly in order to achieve the strong synergies and reach our common goals,” stated the 45-year-old. Strengthening the SDBR team, expanding domestic market penetration and growing the company’s share in defined strategic segments are Carreiro’s principal ambitions. The market expert is also focused on strengthening customer service, advancing the consulting practice and promoting the critical role played by the global company’s newest application technology.

Given the high energy costs in Brazil, Carreiro views the Brazilian subsidiary as being excellently positioned to generate market growth through the implementation of all-electric machines. Highlighting the challenges, he reports that currently there’s a high concentration of simple machines featuring low level technology. Yet, Carreiro expresses confidence that by aligning the company’s strengths to customer needs, electricity consumption can be reduced and production efficiency increased.

Carreiro has worked in the plastics industry for over 25 years, commencing his professional career in 1995 as a plastics process engineer after graduating from Brazil’s renowned technical school SENAI Mario Amato, São Bernardo do Campo/São Paulo. “After that, I obtained a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Fundação Santo André,” notes Carreiro. He is currently completing an MBA in Business Management at Fundação Getulio Vargas.” For 16 years, Carreiro worked as a mechanical sales engineer at a local injection moulding manufacturer and as an application specialist for a global group. Both roles involved closely supporting customers to develop the best technical andcommercial solutions for their plant. Since 2013, Carreiro has held a responsible sales position, providing provide a solid foundation and extensive knowledge in automation and application technology.

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