Investment in advanced technology for rPET and large-capacity packages

Petka Mold, which is based in Adana, Turkey, specialises in the production of PET preform and blowing moulds, along with aftersales support and spare parts. The company has, from its earliest days, had a focus on advanced technological expertise to drive product improvement, including weight reduction and performance in operation. İt launched its first 32-cavity mould in 2006 and a 48-cavity mould the following year.

Petka has made a habit of working closely with customers and leading brands in the PET industry, producing a range of mould types that are suitable for various injection and blow-moulding machines. İn 2018, for example, it launched its first 96-cavity hot runner and, the following year, it debuted its 56 GR 33 NF full cold half mould for the largest iced tea bottle in the world, with a capacity of 2.5 l.

The company has embraced Industry 4.0 to make its own processes more interactive, automated and efficient. Implementation of lean production and Industry 4.0 systems in its factory has enabled Petka to drive down waste in its manufacturing processes, which has helped to improve quality and cycle time, while controlling costs. Technologies becoming widespread in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are, increasingly, being incorporated in machinery for the food and beverage packaging industries.

It has the capacity to support customers with preform and bottle sampling in its technically advanced laboratory in Adana, Turkey. It provides sample preforms and bottles with detailed quality reports that enable clients to make informed, data-supported decisions about future investments.

Petka has responded to issues of sustainability with, in particular research and development of lighter and fully reusable packaging. It is also developing moulds that are suitable for the increased use of rPET. It works with and assists customers in all phases of product development, from initial design to series production.

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