Lightweighted preforms made of PCR PET material

Years ago, PDG Plastiques and its partners developed Prelactia, a new two-step injection process. It is offering a solution to the dairy industry in finding alternatives to aseptic HDPE and carton solutions, offering complete light blockage. Taking care of the circular economy, PDG Plastiques introduced, as one of the first PET convertors in Europe, a dairy milk bottle with 100% recycled PET. The post-consumer material came from opaque bottles.

The technology applied allows PDG Plastiques to fulfill the European directives to achieve 25% recycling content in the PET bottle by 2025 and 30% by 2030. The company also developed active barrier solutions for the Prelactia technology.

The post-consumer material for the 100% rPET came from opaque bottles.

A different mindset in the green economy, PDG introduced one and a half years ago the 26/22 light neck finish for carbonated and still beverages, saving 2 g as a total package solution towards the standard 1881 finish. The current material price increase provides additional motivation to look for this solution. This trend will certainly be followed by mayor brand owners in Europe, says PDG.

In the constant struggle to save material, PDG introduced a Light Base Technology together with its partner. By applying this technology, the French company removed between 6-8% of material from the bottom of the preform. This could be interesting for example for heavy preforms. This technology will shortly be shown in a new container development for a well known French Brand.

“In our pursuit of a world with low CO2 emissions, we are an active player, witnessing active participation in organisations such as Elipso, chairing another association in France with the aim of finding solutions to promote the circular economy”, states PDG Plastiques, and continues, “We carry out the necessary checks on our injection process, using the most modern technologies, ensuring that our quality objectives are achieved and that our customers can market their products with a clear conscience. Our laboratory, equipped with the most modern measuring equipment, monitors the quality of its end product.”
The company is ISO 22000 FSSC certificated.

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