Flow+, a new hot runner system for preform moulds

In 2020, Sacmi supplied the market with over 3,200 preform stacks, half of which were self-produced. Marketed in synergy with the injection preform system (IPS) machine family, yet also available for the most common commercial applications, the Sacmi mould range provides proprietary design solutions.
These mainly regard the hot section, with the latest generation of Flow+ hot runners, also the cold part, with a moulding section designed to incorporate enhanced cooling. Sacmi’s technical solutions as standard on its components are for example, quality steels and treatments such as Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) on the neck-rings to lengthen maintenance intervals and extend mould lifespans.

Less maintenance

Compared to previous versions, the new Flow+ involves limited dust formation inside the runner. Maintenance intervals are now twice as long resulting in lower costs and greater mould (and therefore machine) availability. This solution has already proved on the market. The patented Sacmi solution has been tested by European customers who appreciated its multiple plus-points of product quality and repeatability, moulding process efficiency and mould-machine availability, says Sacmi.

Unmatched PET temperature control

Thanks to better insulation and an increased number of control zones, the new Flow+ ensures temperature control along the entire PET pathway inside the hot runner, resulting in higher production quality and minimising stress on the material (and its consequent decay). During each stage of the process both the cross manifold and main manifold are kept ‘packed’ by a system of springs. This ensures the hot runner stays sealed, even during heating and cooling, considerably reducing dust generation and any PET leakage problems. The improved nozzle temperature control is reflected in a stable process.

Process optimisation

The Flow+ features new solutions developed with the aid of simulation systems, allowing balance and low pressure drops along the entire PET pathway, from the runner inlet to the cavities. Sacmi said that Flow+ helps shorten size changeover times as it’s designed to integrate cooling and make cavity plate assembly easier.
Maximum feasibility for customers
The new Flow+ is available on some models with a double shot counter, allowing effective maintenance control. Maintenance is streamlined by improved accessibility to components subject to wear and a special toolbox that includes everything needed to perform maintenance tasks.

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