Husky is including its monitoring solution as a standard feature on all PET and Closure systems

Husky Injection Molding Systems, a leading technology provider to the plastics processing community, has strengthened its commitment to protecting the return on its customers’ investments. Elevating its existing service contract offering, the company is now including its Advantage+Elite proactive, predictive, transparent monitoring solution as a standard feature on all PET and Closure systems.

“The premise of Advantage+Elite was founded on our commitment to our customers. It combines the industry’s best processing analytics and service expertise to provide unrivalled assurance while delivering unmatched certainty, support and return on our customers’ investments,” said Robert Domodossola, Husky’s President of Rigid Packaging. “With the inclusion of Advantage+Elite as a standard feature on all PET and Closure systems we are going one step further to ensure we are maintaining our commitment, from part concept through to production.”

Introduced in early 2020, Advantage+Elite monitors systems within customers’ production facilities in real-time, while proactively engaging to ensure and maintain the lowest total cost to produce. Using remotely connected technology and proprietary dashboards within a closed-loop reporting platform, Husky continuously monitors and analyses a set of leading system variables to anticipate, recognise and rectify potential issues before they impact productivity or part quality. In addition, this functionality reduces the variability risk associated with running higher levels of post-consumer-resin (PCR), accelerating the shift to manufacture more circular, sustainable packaging with increased percentages of recycled material.

To date, the solution has been well received and supports Husky customers internationally. To ensure each system receives consistently high levels of support, Husky has built an extensive global service network designed to be locally deployed in customers’ local languages. To reinforce this capability, Husky has opened a number of Advantage+Elite monitoring centers around the world. The most recent being the grand opening of its Luxembourg monitoring center in September 2021 operating out of its European headquarters. In total, Husky has established a total of six monitoring centers, including those running out of its headquarter facilities in Canada and China, as well as active centers operating in Mexico, Brazil and Japan.

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Photo: Opening of an Advantage+Elite monitoring center in Luxembourg (photo: Husky)