Sustainable bottle with plantable label

Sustainability is an issue that has changed from being just a trend to a key part in the business strategy for companies wishing to develop their business, especially manufacturers that use PET for their packaging and operate in the fast moving consumer goods industry, where products have a short life cycle.

Gentlebrand’s Packaging Tailors have focused on options currently available when developing a bottle solution that is quick to implement and accessible to all thanks to the low investment required.

The result is “Aroma”, a bottle made of 100% recycled clear PET, which is completely recyclable and designed by rethinking the manufacturing system, as Gentlebrand states. It is intended to meet both, the demands of brands in terms of marketing and communication and the needs of the company in terms of production, investment and sustainability.

Particular focus was placed on the label which is made of a special organic paper which contains the seeds of the aromatic plants making up the different flavours of the beverage the bottle contains. It has been combined with the choice of inks of vegetable origin or inks for food use, which makes the label plantable, thus creating a further virtuous circle. Furthermore, the addition of the label on the neck of the bottle without the need for glue further reduces the use of waste materials in the plastic recycling stream. Thanks to its position and the different material component, the label is perceived by consumers as a separate element, facilitating proper disposal. A sustainable idea supporting manufacturers by guaranteeing the integrity of the product, as the label can be removed with a simple and intuitive gesture: pulling it off.

Made of 100% recycled clear PET to be considered highly recyclable by positively impacting the bottle-to-bottle loop, Aroma also gives a nod in the direction of brands in terms of marketing and communication: the large label on the neck of the bottle provides plenty of space for all the information required by law as well as the various marketing messages. The bottle itself can be fully customised with decorations or product descriptions, Gentlebrand states, reaching a high level of quality detail thanks to Supervent technology.

The bottle is available for both, still and sparkling products. It has been realised by Gentlebrand, with technologies by Competek and Sidel.

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