R&D/Leverage USA will be highlighting the company’s capabilities at the Pack-Expo Las Vegas show

R&D/Leverage typically exhibit at the Pack-Expo International events in Chicago. With the pandemic cancelling NPE this year, R&D/Leverage is hoping to meet eager participants looking for mould manufacturing in the Healthcare, Food & Beverage and Personal Care markets in Las Vegas where the company will be highlighting its capabilities at booth 8455.

The company’s injection mould making capabilities serve leaders in Home and Personal Care, Food and Beverage, and Medical/Healthcare. Further, R&D/Leverage specialises in high precision, high cavitation, single face, two-shot, stack, units, and prototype moulds. It also offers full, in-house, sampling and qualification services.

Specific mould making capabilities

Precision injection moulds: R&D/Leverage offers precision injection moulds for the food and beverage, personal care, and healthcare markets. The company specialises in high precision, high cavitation, single face, two-shot, stack, units, and prototype moulds. R&D/Leverage also offers a full moulding service in-house for sampling and qualification.

Preform moulds: R&D/Leverage supplies the industry with high performance preform moulds from 1–96 cavities in a variety of pitches along with the design and manufacture of End of Arm Tooling. The company’s mould plates are made from pre-hard stainless steel, and stack components are made from heat treated 420 stainless steel, to prevent corrosion and extend usable life. R&D/Leverage also specialises in refurbishment, restacking/product changes, and reverse engineering.

Liberty injection blow moulds: R&D/Leverage is the leading manufacturer of Injection Blow Mould (IBM) tooling. The Liberty IBM System is created as a paradigm shift in IBM tool design. R&D/Leverage has cured the main frustrations that cost converters time, money, and cause quality problems as well as pose safety risks.

Blow mould tooling: R&D/Leverage has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacturing of two-stage blow moulds. Standardised designs allow the firm to be competitive in both price and delivery. Further, the company’s expertise enables it to evaluate the preform design specific to each bottle concept to ensure that optimum stretch ratios are achieved. From this information, R&D/Leverage can also determine bottle wall thickness and shrinkage rates. The company supplies blow mould tooling for a wide range of two-stage machines.

Injection stretch blow moulds: R&D/Leverage is a world’s leader in single stage PET tooling. It offers a complete solution for all PET converters, large and small, with worldwide sales coverage, product evaluation, product and tool design, prototype models, pilot and production tooling, and technical service assistance. The company supplies tools for a range of one stage injection stretch blow machines.

Intellectual property for sale

Unlike most mould makers, R&D/Leverage also is offering two intellectual property designs which will be exclusive at Pack-Expo this year. DispensEZ is a solution for the packer bottle pharmaceutical industry. The ramp was designed to center a pill or tablet for easy extraction. Bottle manufacturers can produce this newly designed bottle with no additional weight added. Another new offering is an internal thread and drain-back pour spout design. Prior to R&D/Leverage’s offering, rigid containers with internal threads and drain-back pour spout features were typically HDPE blow moulded bottles with an injection moulded PP fitment. The new design is one piece 100% PET, which has the highest recycling percentage in the US market.

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