Shredder-extruder combination

Erema – hall A6 booth 6314

Pure Loop, an Erema Group company, will present its Isec evo series. This shredder-extruder combination is rapidly becoming established as an efficient recycling solution in injection moulding production thanks to its high flexibility in processing different materials, simple operation and low maintenance requirements.

Re-injection instead of rejection

Isec evo is a high-performance material all-rounder that has been specially designed for recycling different types and shapes of material, regardless of whether solid parts or hollow bodies, roll stock or punched waste or waste from injection moulding production such as sprues, sprue patties and regrind. This is made possible by the unique input technology that features a combination of a double feed ram system and single shaft shredder. The wide range of applications for this technology is confirmed by consulting the list of Pure Loop customers. In a series of tests carried out together with Engel, an injection moulding machine manufacturer, and Profol, a cast film manufacturer, Pure Loop recently proved that recycled pellets produced from glass fibre reinforced organo sheets can be processed in the injection moulding process just as well as virgin material.