Bericap presents sustainable closures at Fachpack

Visitors to this year’s Fachpack 2021 can discover consumer and climate friendly closures with enhanced tamper-proof designs at the Bericap exhibition booth no. 418 in hall 6. Bericap is one of the leading global manufacturers of plastic and aluminum closures. At the packaging industry trade fair in Nuremberg from September 28 – 30, 2021 it is showcasing a range of innovative products with eco-friendly and recyclable designs. Over the years Bericap has been evolving its products to a lighter design with lower material usage. In particular, a focus on the use of recycled materials (PCR resin) is contributing to further reducing the carbon footprint and advancing closed loop material cycles.

Recyclable and 100% silicone-free: BericapValve

BericapValve is a new addition to the Bericap portfolio. It differs from other closures for spreadables because instead of incorporating a silicone valve, it has a valve made from a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). As a result, the BericapValve prevents the contamination of the recycling stream with silicone. This significant sustainability effect was achieved through valve material optimisation, resulting in a 100% silicone-free valve with obvious recycling advantages. The BericapValve has the ‘Made for Recycling’ quality seal from the independent Interseroh Institute after achieving good results in the analysis. It was also selected by the jury of the famous Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards as the 2020 winner of the ‘Recyclable Packaging’ category.

Inseparably linked: Bericap ClipAside

To reduce the impact of plastic products on the environment the EU Directive 2019/904 stipulates that plastic caps must remain attached to the bottle after opening from July 2024 onwards. Bericap’s solution to this new ‘tethered cap’ requirement is Bericap ClipAside. Compared to alternative solutions it performs more consistently and it offers good consumer convenience on all major neck finishes. The screw caps have been redesigned to meet all the relevant technical requirements. Bericap ClipAside caps present beverage manufacturers with an opportunity to comply with future requirements today – without the need to make modifications to the production processes or bottles. Existing production lines can be converted quickly and cost effectively for the change-over to tethered caps. The company’s tethered family also includes the Falcon and Eagle snap closures for still mineral water, both of which meet the requirements of EU Directive 2019/904.

Protection against contamination and counterfeiting

Another solution being showcased at Fachpack addresses two of the most important issues in the packaging industry today: product and quality protection. With the Bericap Ring Peel Liner launch the company has given the market a tamper-evident liner that provides easy opening, clean operation and leak-free reclosing. The Bericap Ring Peel Liner can be individually printed to support customer branding while also setting high hurdles for counterfeiters.

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Photo: Bericap TetheredCap ClipAside Hexalite 29/14 SFB