Icis PET Value Chain Virtual Conference

The 8th Icis PET Value Chain Conference will take place virtually onSeptember 8-9, from 8.30am to 4pm BST. The conference will offer a 360-degree view of PET value chain market dynamics, expert insight, and actionable strategies. The virtual event will be an opportunity to network, gain essential information and provide a space to do business in these unprecedented times.

After a prolonged period of turmoil PET markets continue to face a catalogue of complex challenges and pressures impacting the entire value chain. Fluctuations in demand fuelled by the pandemic, have been exacerbated by the critical state of supply, shipping chaos, production problems, record prices and a multitude of unexpected events. Disparity between countries, buyers and sellers, has contributed to an increasing complex market landscape, in which global trade flows and established trading relationships have been disrupted. According to Icis experts, it is clear that these logistical challenges will likely be the most disruptive factor for European and Asian polyethylene terephthalate. Looking forward towards 2022 and the prospect of a bounce back in demand, it is assumed that the reverberations will continue impact the market going forward.

Despite all of this, PET markets must continue to function, tackle the demands from both consumers and legislators to become more sustainable and increase recycled content. As regional governments pledge to ‘build back better’, PET market players must find new ways to reconnect and collaborate on strategies to improve circularity within the value chain.

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