Plastic closure range for the new GME30.40 neck finish

Wisecap announces the new plastic closure Asterix. The closure has been designed for the GME30.40 neck finish, a new voluntary standard currently being finalised within the European context. GME30.40 neck finish belongs to the 26/22 neck finishes family and is intended to deliver a low weight and high-performance solution for various types of drinks with special attention to soft drinks.

Asterix was also created in order to provide a concrete and adequate response to the new packaging specifications and, in particular, to the requirements for tethered closures.

The development of a new system neck finish/closure represents a good opportunity to combine the research for ever higher performances and light-weighting of the packaging components. Asterix is Wisecap’s result of these efforts and Research and Development activity, which has led to a product which is, according to the company, suitable for extreme conditions of use. But it also claimed to represent a good alternative for those markets/customers who have adopted the 26mm neck for their products.

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Photo: Asterix is available in three different tethered patterns: Belty2 – Securecap2 – Ho2.