In-house check and certification of NIR detectable masterbatch

Black and coloured plastics place the biggest challenge on the separation and sorting in plastics recycling. With the widespread NIR sensor technology, the near-infrared spectrum reflected by the plastic is evaluated. Each type of plastic has a characteristic spectrum and can thus be identified, sorted and finally recycled.

Since April 2021, Gabriel-Chemie has been offering, on request, a near-infrared inspection and certification of all masterbatches for customers. Due to the current demand from various markets, this test is more and more desired for all colours, says the company. An existing end product or masterbatch can also be tested.

Gabriel-Chemie sees itself as a pioneer in the field of sustainable masterbatches and innovative product solutions. Martin Horvath, Corporate Product Manager at Gabriel-Chemie, says: “Investing in sustainable technologies is an investment into the future. We want to make this added value available to our customers. The detectability directly from Gabriel-Chemie thus promises product and quality safety that our customers can always rely on. The newly launched product mix, including Cotrep certified products and the numerous customer inquiries, confirm the rapidly growing need for NIR-detectable products. “

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