Sesotec, Hall 10 E03

Solutions for a profitable circular economy

As one of the leading manufacturers of metal detectors, material analysis and sorting systems for the plastics industry, Sesotec GmbH is placing its trade show appearance in Hall 10, Booth E03 entirely under the main theme of “Circular Economy”. The exhibits will include metal detectors from the GF, Protector and Rapid Pro Sense 6 series, as well as the Flake Purifier+ multi-sensor sorting system and the Flake Scan material analysis system.

Sesotec will show metal detectors that can be used in different areas of material feeding and ensure high plant availability of processing machines by preventing unplanned machine downtimes caused by metal particles. Costs for repairs, for production losses caused by the downtimes and, if necessary, for recalls, are avoided. Especially when recyclate is processed, metal detectors are indispensable devices for ensuring high plant availability and preventing damage. Particularly worthy of mention is the Rapid Pro Sense 6 metal detector, which is equipped with a newly developed reject mechanism that offers many advantages, especially to compound manufacturers who frequently change colours or produce or process abrasive materials.

Multi-sensor sorting system Flake Purifier+ for high-quality PET recyclates

All Sesotec sorting systems can be equipped with a combination of up to three sensors – according to the application – sort mixed plastics, bottles, flakes or regrind according to different criteria such as colour, shape, material type or metal. The Flake Purifier+ multi-sensor sorting system exhibited at the Sesotec booth is characterised by accurate separation of foreign objects with lowest loss of good material. The Flake Purifier+ ‘s special material feed, valve bar with particularly fine nozzle grid, and integratable recovery line increase efficiency in the recycling process, especially with highly contaminated input material. The use of recycled products saves CO2 and thus – in addition to conserving resources – also contributes to climate protection.

The Flake Scan

Also on display at Chinaplas 2021 will be the analyses systems Flake Scan for plastic flakes. Companies producing new granules from recyclate use the Flake Scan material analysis system in incoming goods inspection. In recycling, the device is used by quality laboratories in outgoing goods inspection and for production control. In all areas, manual analyses have hitherto been carried out, which take a lot of time and whose results are not reproducible. With Flake Scan, on the other hand, reports on the composition of plastic grades and on off-colour components can be generated within a few minutes in consistently high quality and with reproducible results.

Service rounds off the circular economy

Starting with competent advice, through commissioning, to maintenance packages and digital service, such as predictive maintenance, Sesotec offers the whole range, ensuring customers maximum machine availability and optimum performance.

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