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Newamstar will exhibit the 6th+ generation rotary blower

Up to 2,750 bph single cavity capacity: The 6th+ bottle blowing technology can blow bottles ranging from 0.25 to 2.0 l. It applies the rigidity design at the support structure, light weight design for rotating parts and local optimisation design for the components movement law which enables the wholes machine to run at high speed steadily with lower vibration and noise. With the precise process control and stable operation, the single cavity capacity of the blower is up to 2,750 bph.

Modular design: The equipment applies a modular design, and each system is designed as a separate modular unit, which can be combined in various ways to meet the fast delivery requirements of the project. The advanced heating transmission structure guarantees even preform heating and ensures the stable and efficient preform transmission. The quick-change design of the changeover parts meets the requirements for quick switching between different bottle necks. Mould frame combined linkage mechanism: The bottle blowing system applies the tandem type of combined linkage mechanism coordinating the movement of mould frame and bottom mould. It can precisely control the opening and closing movement of the mould frame and the lifting movement of the bottom mould which can reduce the vibration and impact of the mechanism, slowing the wear of parts, enhancing the smoothness and reliability of the blowing system, and it improves the high-speed performance of the whole machine.

Stretching servo flexible control: Servo stretching system can precisely control the stretching speed and distance, easily adjust the blowing process, and adjust online while blowing the bottles. The stretching and sealing linkage device realises the linkage between preform sealing and stretching. The contact between them is soft and controllable, while ensuring movement accuracy and stability. Integrated high-pressure valve group brings low energy consumption: The modular air source processing unit is placed at the back of the equipment for easy maintenance. The integrated high-pressure valve group has little dead space and achieves low HP air consumption. The six-step blowing process, with the intermediate pressure section, greatly saves air consumption, and the recovery rate is up to 35-40%. Active bottle gripper transfer: The active gripper is used to transfer the preform and the blown-shaped container to precisely control the opening and closing of the gripper.

Powerful digital production control: Multiple inspection points are set up on the production line to monitor equipment abnormalities and malfunctions in real time in the Newamstar Smart Factory solution. All production lines apply ethernet technology to collect, store, and transmit data to the intelligent factory management and control platform. Analyse and process the data by Newamstar’s latest LMS system, presenting users with clear and accurate production dynamics and creating big data management. At the same time, there are online reminders for equipment cleaning, maintenance, and lubrication to keep the equipment running in the best condition.

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