SIPA and PTI enter into strategic partnership

Sipa and PTI reached an agreement to join forces on the market, with PTI now becoming part of the Sipa group. This strategic partnership will help both companies to increase their visibility and create new business opportunities.

“Joining forces with SIPA makes perfect sense for PTI. We bring extensive knowledge in package development and material expertise to their capabilities’ portfolio,” said Thierry Fabozzi, PTI CEO. “This strong collaboration will also give PTI access to SIPA’s latest equipment and enable us to provide even better turnkey solutions for our brand-owner customers.”

 “We are very pleased to see PTI become a part of the Sipa group. In addition to the technical synergies, we also see geographic advantages. PTI’s well-established footprint in the United States will allow Sipa to further reinforce its visibility and success for its equipment technology in North America. SIPA’s relationships elsewhere in the world will help introduce PTI as a leader in package development, giving the possibility to Sipa to provide a very comprehensive offering to the market” said SIPA Chairman Dr Gianfranco Zoppas.

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