After more than 20 years, Austrian brewery is withdrawing PET bottles

In 2000, Austrian brewery “Mohrenbrauerei” introduced beer in PET bottles. Now the single-use container is being taken out of the product range. The main reason for this is the change in consumer behaviour due to the critical discussion about plastic packaging.

The Mohren Brewery sells 97 per cent of its beverages in returnable containers, 3 per cent in aluminium cans, disposable glass and plastic bottles. Four varieties – Pfiff, Radler Sauer, Zitrone Naturtrüb and Grapefruit – were previously available in 0.33-litre PET non-returnable bottles. After more than 20 years, bottling in plastic bottles is now being discontinued.

In 2000, the Mohren Brewery introduced beer in PET bottles and was thus a pioneer on the Austrian market. Later, the bottle size was reduced from 0.5 to 0.33 litres and the closure was further developed several times. The brewery even built its own machine to seal the bottles.

“The critical public discussion about plastic is leading to declining consumer acceptance. This also affects our technically innovative PET bottle,” says Managing Director Heinz Huber. The prospect of a pandemic-related slow carnival season also contributed to the decision of the Dornbirn-based company. PET bottle sales were traditionally above average during this season. “We originally introduced the PET bottle as a niche product for on-the-go or for events,” explains co-managing director Thomas Pachole. In future, the aluminium can will remain in the range as a lightweight, disposable container.

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