Priority Plastics continues to invest in more capacity

Priority Plastics announces the acquisition and installation of new injection stretch blow moulding production capabilities in their US manufacturing facility in Portland, Indiana. According to the company, this single-stage technology is new to the United States and exclusive to Priority Plastics, significantly increasing PET container capacity and the ability to offer unique container shapes and sizes. 

From one single piece of production machinery, containers can range in size from 1-gallon (abt. 3.8 litre) to as large as a 25-gallon (abt. 94.6 litre) drum in a variety of neck shapes. The new ISBM machinery shall accommodate a diverse array of consumer packaging products with speed, accuracy and an environmentally sensitive efficiency.

The new equipment is capable to manufacture bigger necks, rectangles, and wider container openings, stackable bottles, a custom colouration, and integrated handles. Moulds can be customised accordingly for a more unique package to meet branding objectives.

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