Polisan Hellas widens product portfolio with Polipet Eco Series containing up to 33% rPET

PET grade and preform manufacturer Poliform Hellas added a new PET grade in their product portfolio. Polipet ECO 76WF has been specially designed for bottling mineral water while Polipet ECO 84F is suitable for carbonated soft drinks. Polipet Eco series of products are aligned with EU SUP 2019/904 Directive to deliver value to all stakeholders and promote circular economy.

Polymetrix, Polisan Hellas and the Fraunhofer-Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging, Freising, Germany, have been working together on the evaluation of the cleaning efficiency of their clean recycling process.

Polisan Hellas based in Volos, Greece, is running a facility which can absorb and incorporate into virgin PET production, post-consumer PET at a rate of  approx. 75t/d (or 33% of total production). Polisan Hellas is using the Polymetrix super-clean recycling technology for the production of PET recyclates (up to 33%) for direct food contact from conventionally recycled post-consumer PET materials.

The cleaning efficiencies of the Polisan Hellas decontamination process were examined by carrying out a challenge test according to the principles recommended by European Guidelines and US FDA in order to investigate whether the output material is suitable for being re-used in packaging materials for direct food contact.

Polisan Hellas’ super-clean recycling process uses re-collected post-consumer PET containers of original food grade quality as input material. The input material originates from collections systems such as curbside and deposit collections. During the process this material is washed, processed and cleaned up in such a way that the output material, can be used again for the production of new articles for direct contact with foodstuffs.

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