Strategic packaging

SMI, Hall 7a Booth 503

Packaging helps to convey the qualities a product possesses and to provide consumers with interesting and relevant information. That is why Italian company SMI is keen to highlight strategic packaging. Format, colours, design, size and materials are elements used to ensure a brand stands out from the competition. More and more companies invest in innovative machines to increase their production capacity, in order to be able to satisfy the market needs and at the same time to differentiate products through attractive packs.

Thanks to the design and production of machines with an innovative design, equipped with IoT technology, SMI provides solutions for the primary, secondary and tertiary packaging that ensure production efficiency, operational flexibility, energy saving, ease of use and bottling and packaging line monitoring. The packers from the MP Ergon range allow companies to compete, by leveraging on innovative packaging, without forgetting important elements, such as the practicality and the protection of packed products. The MP 150 Ergon overlapping cardboard sleeve packer, that will be showcased at Brau Beviale, is claimed to meet these needs.

The machine that will be showcased packs in 1×3 in NT style 0.33 l glass beers by Via Priula brewery in San Pellegrino Terme, that are grouped in a pack equipped with a handle that serves as gift box. However, the packers from the MP range are suitable to pack a wide range of containers in many configurations, including PET. The continuous motion packaging cycle is claimed to ensure a smooth production flow, without jerky movements, which protects containers from knocks, ensuring product integrity, high quality of the pack and reduced mechanical wear of the machine components. The hot melt glue sealing of the pack bottom is precise and long-lasting, with the possibility of using different types of cardboard.

Recognition and visibility of the product on the store shelves are key elements for the business success. For this reason, companies of the food & beverage industry invest strongly not only in secondary packaging, but also in the design of the primary packaging, by seeking shapes and sizes with a strong appeal and by using all the opportunities of customisation offered by a ductile and flexible material like PET.

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