Quality control on beverages and beverage packages

Steinfurth, Hall 6 Booth 107

The focus of this year`s trade show participation of Steinfurth is the improved and extended product line for combined monitoring of the quality parameters on beverages, closures and packages. Interconnection and automation in combination with easy and standardised operation and maintenance are intended for the modern beverages industry. The non-destructive CO2 tester CDA-OST is an optical instrument offered in the market with a standardised calibration and validation strategy. Together with the well-established and robust CDA family the complete range of CO2 measurement on packaged beverages is covered. The Compact Package Analyzer (CPA) as customised extendable Mini Lab covering measurement of CO2, torque, brix, fill level, pH and conductivity delivers a time optimised and complete QA beverage monitoring solution for application directly at the filling line. The patented and as measuring concept absolutely unique non-destructive handheld CO2 tester for packaged beverages (NICO) and the new automatic O2 headspace analyser are just two examples of dynamically growing number of the Steinfurth products.

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