Oil-free technology

Gardner Denver CompAir, Hall 4 stand 415

Gardner Denver’s CompAir Ultima compressor has been engineered with two highly-efficient, permanent magnetic motors that replace the traditional gearbox design. The company states that these two, variable-speed motors are capable of achieving speeds of up to 22,000 RPM and efficiencies greater than IE4, which directly drive the airend without the need for a gearbox.

Furthermore, while conventional models still use oil to lubricate and cool both a system’s motors and airends, Ultima uses water in a closed-loop circuit to cool these components. This allows greater heat transfer and cooling efficiencies, as well as ensuring as little oil as possible is used in the system for assured air purity. Water-cooling also places less stress on these components, limiting the opportunity for any maintenance issues that might otherwise arise during the compressor’s lifetime and reducing servicing costs.

Ultima is offered as standard from 75kW to 160kW, with each unit fully upgradeable between this kilowatt range. This means that if a site’s energy demands increase in the future, customers can choose the optimal Ultima variant based on the increased capacity. There is no need to purchase a new compressor, eliminating the associated downtime or delivery wait that comes with upgrading to a new system.

Emitting the quietest noise level in its class of only 69 db(A) and the smallest footprint available for an oil-free model, Ultima is claimes to be easyily installed at the point of use, rather than in a separate compressor room. Ultima’s efficient internal cooling also means adjacent compressors can be sited close to one another, optimising the space available.

CompAir launches the new, very compact, heat recovery unit E-Max at Brau Beviale, which has been designed by the engineering team in the Center of Excellence in Simmern, Germany with the focus on smallest footprint and a usable water temperature of up to 85°C.

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