Bottle labelling

Sacmi, Hall 7a Booth 222/323

Amongst this year’s exhibits, Sacmi will be highlighting complete bottle labelling solutions. These range from the ultra-high productivity Opera Modular series – designed for beers and spirits and capable of managing bottles of highly complex shape – to the Kube range, the Sacmi solution for medium output operations. The modular structure is claimed to ensure the best versatility on the market as it lets users operate in parallel on multiple labelling technologies/systems while making use and maintenance easier. More specifically, the Opera Modular solution on show at the fair will be equipped with a module designed to apply cold glue and self-adhesive labels on glass beer and other alcoholic drink bottles. Both the Kube and Opera Modular solutions are equipped with the automatic seal application system; they also feature LVS bottle positioning and Quality Control systems.

The latest Sacmi products also include digital label printing systems. Labels are vital for bringing out the best in a brand and now, thanks to Sacmi D-Match – a versatile, economical solution that combines maximum personalisation with digital print quality, high speed and lower logistical and reel storage costs – they can be transformed into effective marketing tools.

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