R+D Leverage’s New Opti-Sim Virtual Prototyping Tool

R&D Leverage’s new Opti-Sim Virtual Prototyping process, which lets PET packagers anticipate a bottle concept’s impact on engineering, operations and marketing, is now available.

According to the company’s Vice President of Engineering, Dave Brunson, Opti-Sim performs a complete range of diagnostic, real-world simulations addressing myriad variables, speeds time-to-market, cuts tooling and prototyping costs and enhances sustainability, for both new and existing designs.

"Opti-Sim lets our customers test, before they invest," Brunson said.

According to Brunson, the amount of variables involved in the PET packaging process – and the time and money invested – enhance the appeal of Opti-Sim. "In today’s marketplace environment & speed-to-market is a critical consideration, as is cost efficiency," he said. "Our predictive analysis simulates variables such as top load and vacuum, light weight options to enhance sustainability, wall thicknesses, geometries and more. This capability represents tremendous value to our customers."

In addition, R&D Leverage offers an entire spectrum of services, from virtual pre-testing to prototyping, tool development and full production molds. It is a holistic approach that enhances efficiencies and leads to brand-building package designs, in markets that include such sectors as beverages, food products, personal care products and more.

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