Lightweight neck for edible oil on the rise

It was a good 5 years ago when Bericap first brought the PET 26/21 bottle neck onto the market. This reduced bottle neck size allowed a weight saving of as much as 1.37g compared with the PET 29/21 then dominant on the market, enabling Bericap to make a major contribution to preserving natural resources and improving its carbon footprint.

Bericap offers all standard closure variants for the PET 26/21 bottle neck, from a one-part closure through the two-part version to a variety of hinged closure variants. All closures can be configured with a top embossment. The higher closures allow brand individualisation through side printing.BERICAP sells more than 1 billion closures for the PET 26/21 bottle neck every year – and the trend is on the rise.

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