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April 20, 2018 | 2,000 caps per minute

Chinaplas, Sacmi, Hall 2H Booth B61 Sacmi Imola’s stand at Chinaplas, which will occupy 300m2 of display space, will feature its full range of cap manufacturing and quality control technology. Its compression press range now benefits from the company’s new cap-preform integrated design services. It will also showcase closure handling inspection systems for cap quality control and the advanced Sacmi line supervisor, which manages orders and monitors all plant performance parameters, even remotely.

April 20, 2018 | Moulding live on stage

Chinaplas, Nissei ASB, Hall 8.1 Booth D75 Nissei ASB will be holding live moulding demonstrations on its 210 square metre booth, along with a display of some of its most interesting recent updates in injection stretch-blow moulded packaging technology. The company’s triple row, high output ASB-150DPX model for small bottle production will be making its regional debut. Visitors will be able to see live demonstrations of the complete moulding system, every day.

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Chinaplas, Uhde Inventa-Fischer, Hall 7.2 Booth K25 Market and societal pressures are driving the plastic packaging industry towards a real circular economy (CE). How can the competing interests be met that plastic producers - of PET resin in particular – are challenging?

April 19, 2018 | Drying on demand

Chinaplas, Moretto, Hall 2 Booth C61 The Chinese plastic industry market has huge potential and is increasingly sensitive to new technologies. At Chinaplas, the Italian company Moretto presents solutions, know-how and service for material handling, drying, blending, heat transfer and size reduction equipment, able to respond to the needs of Chinese customers.

Chinaplas, Erema, Hall 2 Booth B59 Visitors to the Erema trade fair stand will find out how, using the right technology, they can process not only clean production waste but also even heavily contaminated post-consumer materials to make new raw material. In combination with Erema’s smart digital solutions, this is intended to set a new standard in terms of quality and processes in plastics recycling.

Chinaplas, Otto Hofstetter, Hall 5.2 Booth J05 Following the successful trade fairs of previous years, the Swiss firm Otto Hofstetter has its own stand this year, where it will be presenting its products and services. Otto Hofstetter will be showing customers their complete portfolio of high quality injection moulds.

April 17, 2018 | Mixing and dosing

Chinaplas, Eisbaer, Hall 2 Booth B51 In the field of auxiliary equipment, Eisbär ma-nufactures systems to improve quality and productivity for the plastics industry focusing on systems to avoid condensation on moulds, cap cooling, drying of plastic resin, processing PET flakes, crystallisation as well as mixing and dosing.

Chinaplas, SIPA, Hall 4.1 Booth C71 The advantage of mould conversion over buying a brand new mould lies in the lower capital investment involved. SIPA’s mould refurbishing and conversion services in China are an important element of its PET preform and bottle mould offering.The existing mould shoe is reused, and return of investment is faster. Customers can choose which is best for them by having a mould audit carried out by SIPA experts. The state of wear of mould components can be assessed in their own plant, and different options on refurbishing or conversion can be proposed.

April 16, 2018 | inject 4.0

Chinaplas, Engel, Hall 5.1 Booth E71 With intelligent assistance systems such as iQ weight control, Engel makes it easy for its customers to ensure consistently high product quality, even without specialist knowledge. The iQ systems continually analyse critical process parameters and readjust them automatically, shot for shot. The result is a self-optimising injection moulding machine.

April 16, 2018 | Advanced pelletisers

Chinaplas, Maag, Hall 2 Booth P83 Maag, a leading global manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletising and filtration systems as well as pulverisers for challenging applications, is highlighting pelletising systems for plastic producers, compounders and recyclers. Chinaplas is also Maag’s first joint appearance with Ettlinger, a manufacturer of high-performance melt filters for recycling applications which was acquired by Maag since the beginning of the year.

Nestlé announced its ambition to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or re-usable by 2025. Its vision is that none of its packaging, including plastics, ends up in landfill or as litter. Nestlé believes that there is an urgent need to minimise the impact of packaging on the environment.

An e-smoCap video is one of the first product videos to be found at Bericap's YouTube channel. The video gives a detailed overview of the main product features of e-smoCap. It is a childproof closure that allow easy refilling of e-cigarettes through a long, narrow nozzle - a technique that can be applied to other product sectors where precision dosing is of paramount importance. The closure is fully recyclable, complies with the Tobacco Product Directive and is ISO 8317 CRC certified by the French Laboratoire National d'Essais. A tamper evidence band ensures that it is tamper-proof, thus providing safe use for end consumers.

Anellotech, a sustainable technology company pioneering the Bio-TCat process for production of cost-competitive renewable chemicals and fuels from non-food biomass, announced a key operating milestone, achieving two weeks of continuous operation of its seven-story tall TCat-8 pilot plant, producing aromatics (primarily benzene, toluene, and xylenes) from loblolly pine feedstock. Anellotech also secured an additional $6 million investment from Suntory Holdings Limited, which was part of a previously announced $15 million package. Suntory’s total investment in Anellotech’s program is now more than $30 million.

Amut and Erema are holding an Open House to present a sophisticated "Bottle to Packaging" process from 28 to 31 May 2018. Washed post-consumer PET bottle flakes will be recycled live at the AMUT headquarters in Novara, Italy, to make food contact grade thermoforming sheet in a direct process. This rPET sheet will be used at the Plast Milan exhibition – which is being held at the same time – to make thermoformed trays for the food sector. Interested producers will be able to process their own input material on the demonstration system in future to make plastic rolls. They can then test the samples later in their own thermoforming production to check the quality.

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